Thursday, July 31, 2008

They Cute Photos Just Keep Coming

Here is Herb with his favorite little girl.

More cute photos.

Finally the Truth is Revealed - They are Slobs

Bev has been sending me photos of these puppies eating and they always look so calm and organized and basically like really polite eaters. They were making Tiga's puppies look like total slobs. After looking at this last batch of pictures I feel much better. Notice the progression from nice orderly meal time to gluttony - even laying in the dish.

Four Week Portraits

It is a good thing that I updated the blog yesterday with the three week portraits because Bev has already sent me the four week shots. Here are the little cuties.






Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's Hard to be Yellow

For those of you who don't know, Bev sends me the photos and I post them on the blog. Sometimes as I look through the photos I notice that Bud is sometimes apart from the other puppies. Here are all five puppies, the four black puppies get to be on the bed and poor Bud, the lone yellow puppy, has been pushed to the side.

He sometimes has to go off on his own and find a new bed.

Here he can't even nurse in peace. Rose is intent on disturbing him by biting his tail.

But don't feel too bad for him - he sometimes gets even.

But then those black puppies get back at him and shove him into the corner again.

Fortunately, he has found another yellow dog to be his friend.

And Keeper is more than happy to stick up for him.

It must be helping because he eventually was allowed closer to the bed.

And then eventually was allowed into the bed - now just one of the puppies.

He is liked so much now that they are even hugging him.

Okay, before anyone gets upset that Bud is being treated poorly by the other puppies, keep in mind that this is totally made up and I have taken a lot of liberty with Bev's photos.

New Digs!

The puppies outgrew their whelping box and have moved in to a nice roomy pen. They now have lots of room to play, more room for toys, a crate to try, platforms to get under and on top of and a new bed.

And there is more room for Keeper.

More Cute Puppy Photos

Bev is keeping me well supplied with cute puppy pictures. Here are some from last week.